The Ondarreta collection, made for Villa Las Perelli in borosilicate glass, consists of 9 glass sizes, 2 bowls and 2 jugs.

Pieces from the Ondarreta collection share a simple and elegant design; perfect for everyday use.

The champagne glass from the Base collection is manufactured in blown glass. Its elongated flute-shaped design follows the characteristic curved lines of the pieces in the collection.

We have selected the pieces from the Inku collection for their elegant and delicate shapes reminiscent of shells, with fluted details.

A champagne glass and four decanters of different sizes.

The glasses we have selected from the Passe-Partout collection share a contemporary design with details reminiscent of the past.

The milk and water jugs, which we have also selected in porcelain, complete the breakfast, coffee or tea tables.

We have selected the Cooper Chemistry collection copper jug and tumblers with handle for their elegant and sophisticated design. We love the way copper ages and the pieces reflect the taste of passing time.