Carly Kuhn x Villa Las Perelli

Carly Kuhn x Villa Las Perelli

In the studio, drawing is a fundamental part of the way we work.

Through this special collaboration, we bring illustration to the table by the hand of the New York artist Carly Kuhn.

The artist has drawn exclusively for us different pieces of tableware inspired by the world of Villa Las Perelli and interpreted in her own personal style, which we have embroidered on a selection of limited edition products.

It is a selection of 100% Italian-made linen pieces on which we have embroidered each drawing one by one. It includes an apron, a tea towel and four napkin designs.








Carly Kuhn, (formerly known as The Cartorialist), is a Miami-based artist specialised on illustration, having collaborated with renowned brands and companies such as Sotheby's, The American Ballet Theater, Kravet, Prada, Crate & Barrel and Oscar De La Renta. Born and raised in New York, Carly graduated from Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University with a degree in Television, Radio and Film. She lived in Los Angeles for 12 years, working in the entertainment industry, specialising in sitcom TV. She also studied stand-up at the well-known Groundlings Theatre, before finding her way to an unexpected career as an artist.

Carly finds inspiration in people with their everyday quirks and concerns, pop culture (both old and new), all things antique, life stories, and the odd observations she encounters as a New Yorker by heart, who wanders around any city. Nowadays, Carly continues to illustrate different worlds full of fantasy, style, timelessness and a touch of sass.

We share with Carly the attention to detail, the beauty of craftsmanship. The value of artesian work and design.