David Santiago x Villa Las Perelli

David Santiago x Villa Las Perelli

David Santiago is a Spanish craftsman based in Cantabria, whose workshop designs and handcrafts wooden pieces and furniture for everyday use and enjoyment.

The collection we have designed together with David includes a pedestal, two trays and a cutting board, using one of our favourite materials: oak wood.

We have chosen this wood for its light tone, its more uniform grain, its texture and its durability. Oak, robur in Latin, refers to the red of the tree's leaves in autumn and also to its robustness and strength. It is the wood par excellence.







For David, "the final result of any handmade product is a unique piece, as it carries the artisan's know-how in every detail and, in the case of wood, due to the characteristics of the material, the details, knots, grains and tones make each piece unrepeatable.

For a limited production run like this, the part that takes the most hours of work is the design and prototyping. For the first piece or sample of this collection of four pieces, the number of working hours varies between 2 and 7 hours per prototype depending on the piece in question.

The work begins with the design phase, followed by the search and the choice of the material in the warehouses of local suppliers that best suits the piece to be made. The oak used comes from sustainable forests and the optimization of its use is a maxim in the workshop, where each small leftover awaits its moment to be part of a great piece".







The prototyping phase is the beginning, where the designs are adjusted and both the wood and the hand determine the final design. The techniques are adapted according to the different possibilities to produce the final product. Once the pieces are finished, sanded and polished, David applies a finishing coat based on natural ingredients and oils, 0% VOC, water and solvent free, safe for food use. This will protect them against wear and tear of daily use, whilst allowing the wood to breathe and the exchange of moisture with the environment.







Wood, being a natural product like leather, is prone to the wear and tear of time and intensive use.

An extra layer of beeswax will provide natural protection and keep the wood looking nourished.

We share the attention to detail, the warmth of natural materials and the authenticity of handmade.