Brick Lane cutlery in silver finish reimagines antique silver and nickel silver tableware in matt stainless steel with a stonewashed finish that resembles the worn effect of antique pieces.


Brick Lane cutlery is inspired by antique cutlery in its design, its worn finish and the variety of table, dessert and serving cutlery

(16 in total).

The first patented stainless steel cutlery was marketed in the USA in 1921. This was a revolution in homes and shops due to the brightness and the easiness of cleaning the cutlery.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, all the metal cutlery used to rust. It was a tiresome task for those who had to keep them clean and shiny, to the extent of warning them at the time of their hiring, stating in their letter of introduction " doing not the cutlery ".

The carbonised butter knife from Passe-Partout collection is elegant and unique, combining beautifully with antique cutlery.

We have included the entire Brick Lane cutlery set in matt washed finish: black, bronze, gold and silver.

We love the way the gold finish of the Brick Lane cutlery mixes elegance and sophistication with the antique tableware.