The Rosario collection is inspired by our mother and named in her honour.

It is made up of different pieces that share the same design.

Our Rosario collection is made in Spain for Villa Las Perelli.

It is produced in small batches through an artisan process, with white clay produced in Manises (Valencia) and formulated in England.

In collaboration with the craftsman David Santiago, we have designed several items for the table; a pedestal, two different trays and a board, using one of our favourite materials; oak wood.

The collection designed by John Pawson was intended to furnish the refectory of the Nový Dvůr Abbey in Bohemia.

At Villa Las Perelli, we are aiming at recovering silver and alpaca pieces to give them a new life and a new use on today's tables, providing that sophisticated and elegant touch that reminds us of the past.

We have selected a mini bowl, a salad bowl and some plates from the Passe-Partout collection for their timeless design. A contrast between the matte finish on the outside and the glazed finish on the inside that goes very well with the rest of the porcelain tableware and the antique serving pieces.

Elegant and versatile, the wooden pieces of the Passe Partout collection add a special and different touch to the table, both as a whole and individually.

We have selected different bowls and plates from the Base collection for their delicate and timeless design that combines very nicely with the antique pieces.