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The art of making antiques modern

Honest, authentic and contemporary. That is Alfonso and Armelle and that is Berenis, one of our favourite antique dealers.


A selection of pieces from different periods, coming from different places, appear as a surprise in the incredible secret space of Berenis. Everything is presented in a coherent, harmonious and tasteful way. It is a real house museum. 


We admire his knowledge, his experience, his know-how. The way they treat antiques as something contemporary. Their high standards in product selection and their focus on continuous development. 


We share their honesty and proximity. The way they enhance the value of history and share their passion for the beauty of the passage of time. The luck of turning your passion into your work.


We love visiting their shop in the Rastro, chatting with them, sharing projects… Every conversation is a new discovery, and the last one was that Berenis comes from «Berenice», Armelle’s middle name.

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