Table linens

The Amelia linen collection includes different essential pieces on our tables

The use of 100% linen, made in Italy, gives each piece a special texture and flow, creating the perfect blank canvas for an elegant and timeless table.

The first tablecloths originated in ancient Rome and were made of white linen. Diners sat elbow to elbow in a line, and used it to wipe themselves, simulating today's use of the napkin.

Some say that it was Leonardo da Vinci, during his years as master of feasts and banquets at the Sforza court, who pioneered the napkin. However, his idea was not understood at the time, and its use became widespread later on.

The American artist Carly Kuhn has drawn exclusively for us different table pieces inspired by the world of Villa Las Perelli. Interpreted in her characteristic personal style, the illustrations reflect our studio's distinctive mix of antique and modern.