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Smooth natural white porcelain tableware in matte exterior finish

We selected pieces from the Base collection for their delicate design and variety of heights and sizes. The elegant and delicate matte finish on the outside combines beautifully with antique pieces.

Piet Boon is a renowned Dutch architect. His products are distinguished by their innovative design, functionality and timeless aesthetics. Each of his designs has a careful attention to detail and refined taste.

The Base collection, designed by Piet Boon, combines design and practicality offering a sophisticated and well-rounded set of tableware. A blank canvas that enhances every dish.

Porcelain, originally sourced in China, is composed of three materials: kaolin, feldspar and quartz, making it one of the most durable ceramics in the long term due to its high resistance to temperature and chemical corrosion.
Fragile and firm, white and translucent, porcelain tableware is delicate and timeless, making it perfect to be handed down from generation to generation.

Product Detail

Designer: Piet Boon

Material: Porcelain

Color: White

Finish: Exterior mate, Interior glazed

Size: 16cm diameter x 9cm high

Reference: B9214726

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Product care:

Food Safe

Dishwasher Safe

Microwave Safe

Not Oven Safe

Villa Las Perelli's Selection of products brings together different pieces special for their shape or details from brands with which we share the same philosophy and way of working

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Set of 4 pieces


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