Soft and pleasant to the touch, cotton is one of the world's most important natural textile fibres


Cotton is a cool, light, breathable and very pleasant to the touch material. There are different types, depending on where they come from, as well as the length and thickness of the fibre.

It is of vegetable origin and is grown in cotton plantations in tropical and subtropical regions, such as America, Africa and India. Its boom began in the 19th century with industrialisation. Today it still represents almost half of the world's textile fibre consumption.

The cotton wool of the knitted products designed in collaboration with Isabel Prieto is 100% organic and made in Europe.
Each piece is hand-knitted by a professional weaver in Spain.


The pieces can be machine washed, although we recommend washing them by hand to extend their life. If washing in the washing machine, use a delicate programme with a maximum spin cycle of 700 rpm. Do not soak or rub, do not tumble dry and do not iron.

Water temperature 30º

Dry flat

Do not bleach