It is a biodegradable, renewable and recyclable natural material as well as a good thermal insulator, which comes from the trunk of trees, after removing the bark

Each type of tree provides a wood with special characteristics in terms of appearance, colour, hardness, strength and durability.

Wood is a natural material that develops a patina over the years, gaining beauty over time. Since the wood of each piece has a different grain, no piece is exactly the same as the others, each one acquires a unique character.


Passe-partout collection of wooden pieces is made of carbonised ash wood, painted black and finished with a matt oil.


We recommend washing by hand with a mild detergent or just water. Avoid completely submerging the wooden piece and let it dry naturally, preferably in an upright position, after washing.
These pieces are not dishwasher safe. To avoid discolouration and deformations, do not leave wooden objects in direct sunlight.


For our collection of wooden objects made in collaboration with the craftsman and artist David Santiago, we have chosen oak wood for its light tone, its more homogeneous grain, its texture and durability.

The wooden pedestal, board and trays that David has made are finished with a treatment based on natural ingredients, 0% VOC, without water or solvents, suitable for contact with foodstuffs and providing protection against wear and tear and daily use. It is an open pore finish that allows the wood to breathe, allowing a moisture balance with the exterior.

Wood, being a natural product like leather, suffers the wear and tear of time and intensive use.


After each use, it is advisable to clean it with a soft cloth (damp if necessary), trying as far as possible to prevent food remains from hardening.

Even so, in case of having to clean with water, it is better to do it with cold water (if necessary with a little soap) and without soaking too much.

We recommend not to wash wooden objects in the dishwasher or leave them submerged in water, where both prolonged immersion and detergent will contribute to their deterioration.

Dry with a cloth or allow to air-dry completely in a dish drainer or on a hanger.

Periodically applying a thin layer of beeswax balm (suitable for contact with food) or walnut oil after each use will help to keep it looking nourished.

With a little love and minimal care, it will age with you.

Food Safe

Not Dishwasher Safe

Not Oven Safe

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