Known as the fabric of the nobles for its elegance and distinction, linen is the oldest textile fiber.

Linen is a natural fibre of vegetable origin, the origins of its cultivation can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

The first tablecloths appeared in ancient Rome and were made of white linen cloth. Diners sat elbow to elbow in a line, and used it to wipe themselves, imitating the current use of the napkin.

In Europe, before cotton was known and until the 18th century, linen was the most important textile fibre after wool.

White linen is essential in our projects, and on our tables.
We choose white for its versatility, brightness and cleanliness. An elegant canvas that brings out the best in each piece. Resistant and easy to care for, linen pieces gain beauty over time.

The linens in our Villa Las Perelli x Once Milano collection are designed to age gracefully and be passed down through the generations.
We share the search for excellence and quality, the importance of detail and the value of craftsmanship.
90% of the linen used to make the pieces in the collection comes from Italy and the remaining 10% from Europe.
A very high quality linen, selected for its weight, drape and freshness.


Avoid the use of bleach or whiteners on the white pieces so as not to lose their characteristic natural white colour.

Water temperature 30º

Do not bleach

Dry normal, low heat